My experience comes from positions held in public accounting, industry and the nonprofit sector. Over my career I have performed a variety of duties including general accounting services, information systems implementation, business administration analysis, tax preparation & consulting services, technical training and user support, Business Intelligence financial reports design, Excel budgets & historical general ledger activity conversion to achieve systems integration, foreign subsidiaries operations supervision, accounting duties for privately-held domestic entities, nonprofit financial operations supervision, Grant/Contract Receivables management, payroll, audit supervision of federal monitors & public accounting firms, Board of Directors collaboration to assist with their corporate governance responsibilities, internal control & accounting systems review amd finally - CPA firm administrative functions including staff development, billing & collections.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Increased realization rates through CPA firm-wide implementation of paperless workpaper procedures.
  • Expanded CPA firm business consulting services for several tax clients through recognition of poor or inadequate internal control processes.
  • Collaborated with internal and external attorneys for the expansion of a privately-held South American investment with a value in excess of $120 million in compliance with owner's intentions.
  • On-site analysis of South American subsidiary management team to ultimately implement a 20% workforce reduction that lowered overhead costs by approximately $40,000 per month. 
  • Reduced client's time performing monthly close process by analyzing as-is methodology and designing more efficient policies and procedures.
  • Reduced restaurant payroll costs by eliminating tip payouts in excess of collected tips.
  • Improved cash projections by converting nonprofit organization from cash to accrual basis. Accounting system was not being utilized to enter invoices as they were received.
  • Alerted nonprofit board of director's chairperson of grant management deficiencies and subsequently worked with finance committee and agency leadership to address significant budget cuts.
  • Improved CPA firm's billable hours by assigning budgets to each return/job and instituting a work-in-process report process to track assignments and staff's workloads.
  • Improved CPA firm's cash flow by implementing an improved time reporting and billing process.
  • Managed federal and state tax compliance reporting for public company that relocated from St. Louis to Houston as part of buyout. Worked in St. Louis for one month to assist with transition since client’s tax department was significantly reduced as part of workforce consolidation. 

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  3. Analytical
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