Happy New _____!

December 31, 2018


The hours leading up to midnight on New Year's Eve are laced with excitement. It's the anticipation of what will come in the new year  Read More

Five Things a New ERP Can't Fix

November 8, 2018

There are signs you’re accounting system is on its last leg.  You may be using an older version of an application or even still relying on Excel spreadsheets.  The telling sign is that end users aren’t able to generate financial reports as promised.  Convinced a change is needed, the powers that be decide to find a new ERP system.  Before you start reaching out to schedule demos from the major ERP players, evaluate five areas in your organization.  Read More

ERP Implementation as a Home Renovation Project

September 11, 2018

I became a fan of the TV show ‘Fixer Upper’ when I stumbled across it on reruns in Hulu.  After binge watching three seasons I came to recognize their very successful formula.  It breaks down into three blocks; choosing the right property, transforming the chosen property and revealing the final results.  Read More

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